Nintendo Switch Game Mod Installation

This is a quick intro to installing Nintendo Switch binary-patch-based game mods, such as the ones found on this site.



To install a mod on actual Nintendo Switch, it will need to be running custom firmware, such as Atmosphère. Setting that up is outside the scope of this post, but you can find more info on the subject here.

The instructions on this page are applicable to Atmosphère v0.7.0 or higher.

.ips Files (Easiest)

Modern versions of Atmosphère have built-in support for .ips patches.

To install the patch, simply copy it to /atmosphere/exefs_patches/{mod_name}/ on your SD card, where mod_name can be anything (though ideally it should describe the mod!)

Note that the .ips file you download should not be renamed. The name contains a unique ID corresponding to the game/version that the mod is built for.

.pchtxt Files

.pchtxt files require additional setup, but are easier to enable or disable on the fly.

First, install ipswitch (it’s also available from the Homebrew App Store). Then copy the .pchtxt into /switch/ipswitch/{mod_name}, where mod_name can be anything.

Open ipswitch, select “Generate IPS by Patch Text”, and then select your .pchtxt file.

You can later disable (or reenable) the mod using the “Toggle Patch Text Contexts” option.

Yuzu Emulator

Yuzu also supports both .ips and .pchtxt files.

See this page on the yuzu site for information for that emulator specifically.