Movement Practice Mod

Save Mario’s position and direction using the Left D-Pad button, and restore it using the Right D-Pad button.

Great for speedrun practice, trying trick jumps, or just having fun.


  • Save/Restore Camera State
  • Account for different sub areas
  • Add everything one would want in a full practice mod

Showcase Video


Mods require a modded switch to run.

If using Atmosphere (e.g., an actual switch), merge the atmosphere folder in the download with your atmosphere folder on your SD card. Make sure to merge; you should have /atmosphere/contents/0100000000010000, not /atmosphere/atmosphere/contents/0100000000010000.

If using the yuzu emulator, merge the yuzu folder in the download with your computer’s yuzu folder (from yuzu, File -> Open yuzu folder). Make sure to merge; you should have AppData/Roaming/yuzu/load/0100000000010000, not AppData/Roaming/yuzu/yuzu/load/0100000000010000.

No other CFWs/Emulators are officially supported at this time.


All Practice Mod versions Super Mario Odyssey v.1.0.0 and v1.3.0.

Mod Version 0.0.2 (Download)

Mod Version 0.0.1 (Download)