Controller Always Shaking

Makes the game act as if a controller shake input is being inputted every frame. Can be disabled (and re-enabled) by pressing the Left D-Pad button.

This creates a pretty unique challenge playthrough, including a few unique discoveries needed to advance.

Note that, while almost the entire game is beatable with the mod enabled, there is at least one (and maybe two) locations in which the mod has to be disabled — but the vast majority of the game can be beaten, including several areas that might at first seem impossible.

Showcase Video

Known Issues

  • Some captures do not respect the mod’s shake inputs (including Cheep Cheeps, Bowser’s Hat, Pokios)


See Nintendo Switch Game Mod Installation.


For Super Mario Odyssey v1.3.0

.ips file
.pchtxt file

For Super Mario Odyssey v1.0.0

.ips file
.pchtxt file