Controls Randomize After Every Moon

Each time you collect a moon, most button-based controls will be randomized, including the front letter buttons, the d-pad, triggers, shoulders, plus and minus, and pressing in on the control sticks.

The home and capture buttons are left unchanged, and controls are only randomized within the game — the system control scheme remains untouched upon exiting the game.

If playing on stream or for a video, I’d recommend Open Joystick Display + OJDS-NX for displaying controls on-screen.

As of writing, this is one of the more complex code-level mods available for SMO (as best as I can tell), so there are still a few issues to work out. They are listed below, but overall, it is in a playable state! Please report any issues you encounter that aren’t on the list.

Showcase Video

Known Issues

  • Controls don’t randomize after triple moons
  • When ‘A’ maps to a d-pad button, pressing the d-pad button in a menu or dialogue interaction may cause the selection to move before the ‘A’ press is detected
  • The game may fail to recognize inputs from a controller when multiple controllers are connected, even when playing in one player mode (e.g., playing with a Pro Controller while Joy-Cons are attached to the switch)


See Nintendo Switch Game Mod Installation.


For Super Mario Odyssey v1.3.0

.ips file
.pchtxt file

For Super Mario Odyssey v1.0.0

.ips file
.pchtxt file