Lose a Coin Every Second. Die at Zero.

After every second of actual gameplay, the current coin count will drop by one. When it reaches zero, Mario will die (and continue to die in a loop, since you’ll still be out of coins!).

New games will start with 30 coins to give you an opportunity to reach the main area of Cap Kingdom.

I’ve played through this with liberal use of save states, but playing through without them would make for a good additional challenge.

Showcase Video


  • Find a nicer way to kill Mario (in particular, make it look like he’s actually taken damage)
  • Once in-game menus are feasible, make the timer speed adjustable.


See Nintendo Switch Game Mod Installation.


For Super Mario Odyssey v1.3.0

.ips file
.pchtxt file

For Super Mario Odyssey v1.0.0

.ips file
.pchtxt file